Our Story

Our Story

It all started

with a phone call between two siblings

Tired of waiting, Nataki Williams, a finance executive, called her brother, Kwame Williams, a gourmet chef, and said “Let’s do it!” Kwame’s 13 years of culinary experience and Nataki’s 13 years of finance knowledge culminated with the doors of Vital being opened in less than a month.

Kwame being health conscious and Nataki being a “foodie” led to a new take on the Jamaican restaurant. In a time where more people have diverse palates, whether pescetarian, paleo, vegan or vegetarian, Vital is a place where we can all come to be satisfied. Offering something for every taste, it is where eating to live and living to eat meet!

To expand Vital’s offerings, sister Kanika Williams, joined this family endeavor bringing her years of event planning experience to the business.  Kanika’s hospitality background coupled with Nataki’s worldly experiences, together they deliver an atmosphere that makes diners come back for more.

At the core of any first impression is the meal, Chef Kwame is constantly honing his craft and enhancing his recipes. Armed with the belief that nutritional and healthy become synonymous with delicious, he has made this genre of the culinary arts his focus. Offering more than just a healthy option for a quick meal, you come to Vital for a culinary holiday. Our atmosphere makes you want to stay a while and we want you to! Vital provides more than a meal…it’s an experience!



“If it’s Ital it’s Vital”. The Ital lifestyle plays a major role in Jamaican cuisine and is one of the major tenets in Chef Kwame Williams cuisine philosophy. The principle behind ital is food at it’s most natural state, which is not only the best but essential to the gaining and maintaining of life’s energies. Everything is made from scratch in house and is always fresh never frozen. In most Jamaican households there was usually someone who strictly practiced an Ital diet so meals were generally a wonderful blend of both vegan and non-vegan options. Chef Kwame took from this to create vibrant and flavorful dishes with innovative new takes on traditional staples. When you dine with us you find that food is not just about the maintenance of the body it can also be healing to the soul.